Our Story

Great Gums, Inc. is based in San Francisco and is a US entity owned by ProxiHealthcare Inc. of Seoul South Korea, US-based venture capitalists, and its current CEO Mark Goldstein. Great Gums has worldwide marketing and distribution rights, outside of Korea and Japan to market ProxiHealthcare products.  The visionary behind Great Gums is all Young Wook Kim.

Young and Mark Join to Found Great Gums, Inc.

In 2022, Kim met Mark Goldstein on a trip to San Francisco through the Korean Innovation Program, sponsored by the South Korean government. 

Mark is a serial entrepreneur based in San Francisco, which is where Great Gums is headquartered and a venture partner at Builders Venture Capital.  He has started a dozen companies, including, which was Kmart’s answer to Amazon twenty years ago.  While Kmart ultimately disappeared, at the time it was the fourth-largest merchant in the world.  Mark also founded the Digital Health Hub Foundation, which produces the world’s largest healthcare awards show and has made over forty health and wellness-related investments.  Mark knows a bit about healthcare and the problems people have financing their required dental care and how preventive tooth and gum care is so important. 

Mark was so impressed with the Great Gums technology and his own experience using the product (he also obviously loved the ‘blue light’ coming out of the brush head), that he partnered with Kim, and venture firm Builders, to form Great Gums Inc. and they devised a plan to be able to produce and market a next-generation toothbrush worldwide that costs little more than any standard toothbrush sold by Crest, Colgate or GUM.  

Young Wook Kim, Ph.D.

Meet Young, the creator of Great Gums Technology and Founder & CEO of Proxi Healthcare Inc. A young biotech startup with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

Young earned his Doctoral of Philosophy from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, uniting his medical knowledge with electrical and computer engineering studies where Young developed a new technology that harnesses the power of micro-current electromagnetic waves to remove plaque.

Young returned to South Korea to work for SAMSUNG Electro-Mechanics Co. Within less than three years he published 14 Korean patents and 31 Technical Papers for SAMSUNG Electro-Mechanics.

In 2019, Young was diagnosed with colon cancer. With his health failing, he endured trying times frequently at the crossroads of life and death. However, his deep-rooted entrepreneurial aspirations only grew stronger along with his determination to get well and achieve them. Following his discharge from the hospital later that year, Young fulfilled his dream and founded Proxi Healthcare Inc. Within one year, he officially introduced the first micro-current wave toothbrush to the South Korean Market. 


Mark Goldstein

Mark knocked most of his front teeth out in a water ski accident twenty years ago and since then has gotten to know his dentist a bit too well and this was a decade or so after his parents invested in 5+ years of braces!

On the business side, Mark co-founded and sold about a dozen fintech, SaaS, e-commerce, retail, gaming, and music ventures over the past 30 years and made over 125 tech-related investments, most recently in the health, wellness, and food sectors.

Mark is also the Founder and Chairman of The Digital Health Hub Foundation, a not-for-profit healthcare and wellness innovation hub that helps healthcare companies scale and grow and produces the annual Digital Health Hub Foundation Awards at the HLTH Conference. It's now in its sixth year it's the world's biggest awards event in healthcare.

Mark also previously was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Softbank and then at NEA and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and where he has served on its Board of Overseers.