What’s Behind The Tech Powering Great Gums?

A brand new technology that breaks the protective layer of plaque.

The electric charges of extracellular poly-saccharide substances (EPS) are essential characteristics of plaque. Great Gums Bioelectric microcurrent waves are low-frequency electrical signals comparable to radio or telegram frequencies. In water conditions, the effective distance is within ¾ of an inch. The new Great Gums technology uses a hybrid electrostatic force, simultaneously imposing both AC and DC on a micro frequency of 0.7 V to disturb the electric charges and subsequently break
the EPS barrier.

→ AC, the alternating current, weakens the structure of the matrix and makes it permeable for antibacterial treatment.

→ DC, the direct current, interacts with the plaque's properties, leading to the detachment of the surface. The plaque structure, weakened but still intact, can be flushed out.

The waves used in microcurrent therapy are similar in frequency to the body's own natural electrical signals (below 1,000 microamperes), which makes them entirely safe and unlikely to cause any discomfort.

Great Gums technology revolutionizes the oral care market

The Bioelectric effect of Great Gums toothbrushes on plaque removal refers to the use of low-frequency electrical current to disrupt and remove plaque from the teeth. Dental plaque (and - if untreated it solidifies as tartar) is a buildup of bacteria on the teeth and gums that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Great Gums toothbrushes use a small electric current to create an electromagnetic (electric) field (resulting in bioelectric current) of approximately ¾ of an inch around the brush’s bristles. This field generates a charge on the surface of the teeth that disrupts the EPS matrix of bacterial colonies and detaches them from teeth, braces, implants, and dentures. The microcurrent waves also stimulate saliva production, which can help wash away plaque and bacteria.

Clinical Studies

Clinical studies have proven that the Bioelectric effect of Great Gums technology removes 6 times more plaque than regular bristles while preventing loss of dental enamel. Research studies have also found that the use of Great Gums toothbrushes for 2:30 minutes twice a day can reduce bad breath by 93% and improve gum health by 75%. In addition, the microcurrent waves improve circulation in the gums, which helps promote healing and reduce inflammation, and stimulate the production of collagen, which helps strengthen and repair the gums.

While physically scrubbing plaque from the surface of teeth is one way to assist with tooth decay and gum disease, the pressure can be painful (particularly if teeth are sensitive) and damage gums and tooth enamel, exposing nerves to cold and hot temperatures.

With no vibration, sound, or pressure our innovative, patented technology safely removes dental plaque, protects the enamel and sensitive teeth, and helps prevent long-term dental issues.

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Bioelectric Microcurrent Waves

Tackle the root cause of oral diseases.