Great Gums Clinical

Color: White

Professional grade professional USB 3.0 rechargeable product with three speciality brush heads (for orthodontics, gum disease, hard and soft bristle), low and high-power bioelectricity speed, smart timer and lighting indicators, charging cables, smart timer, toothpaste sample, and 2 year guarantee

Great Gums toothbrush- the first of its kind.

Our innovative patented technology uses 10 million Bioelectric microcurrent waves per second to remove dental plaque, protect dental enamel and sensitive teeth, and help prevent long-term oral health issues with no vibration, sound, or pressure.

Cleans where no other toothbrush can reach.

Bristles can only brush off what they can reach. Our Bioelectric microcurrent waves however go into the deep pockets along your gum line and blind spots behind your braces and clean where no other toothbrush - manual or motorized - can reach.

Tackles the root cause of oral diseases.

Clinical Trials and research studies have proven that using a Great Gums toothbrush for 2:30 min twice a day will:

  • remove 6 times more plaque
  • improve gum inflammation by 75%
  • and eliminate bad breath by 93%
Color: White


Our most asked product questions!

Why are the bristles soft?

We created the bristles to be soft so that it is gentle on the gums and teeth for people who have sensitive teeth. Also, you do not need to brush hard because the Bioelectric microcurrent waves will do the work more than the bristles do.

Does my toothbrush use UV Light?

We do not use UV light.

We use a LED blue light (450nm waves) which is not harmful.

What is the function of the blue light?

The Blue Light LED light of our Simple toothbrush has two functions: 

Our blue light indicates that 10 million microcurrent waves per second are cleaning your teeth where no other toothbrush can reach. 

It has teeth-whitening benefits which can be enforced by adding special toothpaste.  

Does the toothbrush come with batteries?

Yes, all our toothbrushes come with a battery so you can start using it immediately. The Simple Pro Battery comes with 2 extra AAA batteries and the Simple Pro Rechargeable comes with a C-type cable to charge the Lithium-ion battery. 

Why Is there not a timer for the 2:30 brushing time?

The blue light indicates that the waves are activated. It shuts off automatically after 2:30 minutes.

Is the battery of the Simple toothbrush replaceable?

Our Simple toothbrush is an entry-level model and a great travel companion due to its smaller size and lighter weight. The battery is NOT replaceable. Our Simple Pro models come with extra brush heads and extra batteries if you choose a Simple Pro Battery. Our Rechargeable model comes with extra brush heads and a C-type cable.

Why does my electric toothbrush have no vibration?

Our toothbrush doesn’t vibrate, rotate, or wiggle since it is not motorized. Our patented Great Gums core chip creates the AC/DC current that is converted into low voltage waves (0.7 V) in the brush head. This happens as imperceptibly as sending a radio signal.

My toothbrush is not working. What will you do about it?

We strive to deliver excellent product experience but once in a while there is a technical problem.

Don't worry - you're covered for one entire year.

Just let us know. We'll send you a new toothbrush and a free return label to send us back what's not working so we can continuously improve our product quality and service.

What type of battery is in the Great Gums Pro Rechargeable?

Our Pro Rechargeable is powered by a Lithium-ion battery.